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Musical Meditation: The Blues Harmonica

One night last year, I awoke from a spectacular dream. I had been playing blues on the harmonica in the spotlight on a small stage with an audience cheering me on. Upon awakening, I immediately decided that I needed to learn the harmonica and an hour later I had signed up to group lessons. Having… Continue reading Musical Meditation: The Blues Harmonica

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Reaching your goals

I started this blog in as part of my ‘100 things to do in 2017’ challenge. The list I made contained all sorts of goals – from going to interesting places, spending time with friends, working on personal wellbeing, finances and broadening my horizons in terms of learning. Setting personal goals is a great way… Continue reading Reaching your goals

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Creativity and the Depression Addiction

I previously wrote a post about trying to rediscover my creativity by following a 12 week course of Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way . Unfortunately halfway through the course I broke my arm and never got round to completing it. However, it still made a significant impact on me engaging with my creativity again. As… Continue reading Creativity and the Depression Addiction

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Looking After Yourself During Stressful Times

It’s been a tough few months and just like any human, sometimes my good intentions with regards to my own wellbeing can fly out of the window. Trying too hard to spin the many plates of life, I find myself energy depleted. Even meditation has turned into a series of sitting practice that turns into… Continue reading Looking After Yourself During Stressful Times


Is Your Pride Holding You Back?

Recently I have been thinking about how pride can be a tricky and sly personality trait. Often we can hear words like ‘take pride in your work’ or ‘take pride in your achievements’. Whilst these common phrases are meant in an encouraging and unharmful manner, we should also be aware that too much pride can… Continue reading Is Your Pride Holding You Back?

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An Unexpected Encounter

Yesterday I had an unexpected encounter. Living in a village with the fresh country air and the nearby farmers fields, I usually enjoy my morning walk to the train station. I observe the changes of the season, the morning sky dimming day by day as autumn-winter sets in, and the yellow, red and brown leaves… Continue reading An Unexpected Encounter

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Treasure Your Love

Today I am writing about treasuring and valuing the impermanence of all things and people in life. Sometimes we can forget what treasures – whether large or small – we have in life and take things for granted. Worse still, we can spend time wishing that people could be different or that things could be… Continue reading Treasure Your Love