The Beauty Of Mother Nature

I’m lucky enough to be writing this post whilst on holiday, in the beautiful country of Sri Lanka. Travel really brings a lot of happiness into our life and creates some beautiful memories to look back on. Today’s post is all about Mother Nature and just how wonderful she is.

One thing that immediately struck me whilst travelling through Sri Lanka this week is just how lush and green it is. Having lived in London for most of my life, I am used to land being a space full of buildings. Here however, it seems that land is the basis for the lives of many trees and a smattering of houses. I am full of happiness here. The land is decorated with natural life instead of dead brick or metal buildings. Life is everywhere in its untamed form. I suddenly realise how little I usually get to see of Mother Nature and her beauty.

From my hotel room I’m lucky enough to have a view of the lively green hills standing strong, with beautiful blue skies and white fluffy clouds dancing amongst their peaks. I’m lucky too to see more shades of green than I could ever have imagined existed. In particular, when driving through the country I’ve admired the almost luminous green paddy fields. It’s a bright shade of yellow-green unlike any colour I have seen before.

98 Acres Resort, Sri Lanka
98 Acres Resort, Sri Lanka

Further to Mother Nature’s sights are the sounds of life that she contains. There are many different types of birds singing and the atmosphere is so peaceful that you can hear the echoes of their song between the hilltops. There’s a light sound of occasional buzzing in the air from the exotic insects. In the distance I can hear some people walking and laughing and a radio playing some Sinhalese music. The sounds are nature’s orchestra (with a hint of the man-made sounds via the radio, but it adds some culture 🙂 ).

My other senses aside from sight and sound are also engaged. I can smell the rain from days past and the life in the wet leaves. Added to this is a light scent of spices; I can smell a cauliflower curry in the near vicinity too. I can taste the slight bitter of the local Lion Lager, covered by the cola I drank soon after to sweeten the after-taste.

And not forgetting the sense of touch. It is one of my favourite feelings to feel the touch of the breeze. It is Mother Nature’s breath of life. The slight tingling sensation as a breeze runs by and the tickle of my hair against my face. The freedom of my bare feet as they dangle above the ground and play in the wind.

In addition, waking up at 4am this morning, I was lucky enough to see a sight I will remember for the rest of my life. A dome of stars shining against a completely un-light-polluted sky…the darkest shade of blue a sky can be before it is black. That reminded me that I am but a small person floating within a vast globe; the home that all of humanity shares.

I’m connected to you all by means of my mobile phone. But I encourage everyone to switch off once in a while and re-engage with nature. If you’re feeling low on energy, where better to regain it than where life thrives the most – in nature? Take a step away from consuming more brain food on your phone or computer – allow your brain to rest. Step out of your brick or stone house and take a walk. Sure Mother Nature may not be visiting you dressed in green trees – perhaps you live in a busy city – but she is still there breathing her cool breeze for you. Her friends, the birds, are still there singing for you if you listen carefully for them. Her sun will still shine for you and her moon will wish you a good night. She is there whenever you need her, so why not say hello?

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