The First Post of Happiness

Hurrah! It’s 2017 and I’ve dusted off the cobwebs of the past year. Thanks to a good friend of mine, I was introduced to Leonie Dawson’s rather colourful annual planners. Part of the planner had a list where you had to place 100 things you wanted to do in the year. This got me in action-mode for creating a Happiness Action Plan.

Just the experience of writing the list was a Happiness journey in itself. Often, we can go through a year with no life plan at all. Isn’t it any wonder that years can pass by with a blink of an eye and all we feel is discontentment? ‘What have I done with my life?’, ‘I am so bored!’, ‘I’m so stressed right now’ – these are words that would enter my head many times over the years and certainly the past decade of working life.

Imagine working without a list of tasks or a plan of execution. It would be chaos. So why do we treat our free time and our non-work life with considerably less thought?

Having a list of things that you enjoy or that are to the benefit of you and your happiness is your Happiness Action Plan. Don’t let the world pass you by. Your life is here, now, ready to be lived to its fullest. Here are 3 tips for what to do when you have your Happiness Action Plan:

  • Book in any time sensitive items in advance. Once they’re booked in or tickets are bought, you’re more likely to do the thing you set out to do
  • Invite friends to certain events. Create a Google sheet, share with friends with a topline note of each event, links to websites, dates, cost. Get them to write their name next to the items they’re interested in. Book some dates
  • Keep reviewing your list so that you don’t forget to do those items you set out to do

That’s all for now and incidentally this is the completion of item #4 on my ‘100 things to do in 2017’ list: Start a wellbeing blog. Even sitting at home feeling poorly won’t stop me from having a dose of happiness.

Wishing you a happy day.


If you’re interested in purchasing a planner by Leonie Dawson (contains much planning goodness for your health, relationships, work and more), visit: http://leoniedawson.com

It’s designed for women, but men – you can still create and plan time for happiness in your lives by making one short list 🙂

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