What Frozen’s Elsa and John Lennon Taught Me

This may seem an odd title for a post all about Happiness. An animated snow queen vs a legend of music. But what I wanted to focus on were the titles of their famous songs, ‘Let it go’ and ‘Let it be’.

When life has a bout of bad hiccups, it can be hard to let things drop. Being a sensitive person, throughout my childhood and now adulthood, I often had people tell me to ‘let it go’ or ‘let it drop’ when I faced a situation I unhealthily got hung up on and could do little or nothing about.

This was highly frustrating. I knew I could sometimes read too much into things or take things too seriously (and sometimes still do), but if I knew how to change and to let things go, I certainly would have in the first instance. It really is no fun gripping onto things that aren’t worth expending the energy on. But whilst some take the skill of letting go (clearly Elsa had the skill!) for granted and seem to have been born with this ability, others of us were not so fortunate.

Like holding onto hot coals, hanging onto something that causes anxiety, upset and/or anger cannot induce happiness. So how do we ‘let it go’? How do we spread our arms out wide and run free from what we’re in the habit of hanging onto?

The answer? Let it be. John Lennon suddenly made sense to me, ‘Singing words of wisdom, let it be’. It was only a change of one word. A simple change of phraseology. But it made total sense. To let it go suggests having to actively do/change something. To let it be means to let a situation exist as it is. Oddly, in scenarios where you want to let something go, simply letting it be can in fact have the exact same outcome.

For those of you out there who sometimes struggle with letting things go, remember the words Let it be. Instead of trying to drop emotions that don’t serve you during situations that you cannot change, the best thing to do when you’re aware of your emotion is to patiently wait for it to pass. You can’t help how you feel and you can’t control what life chooses to deal to you. You’re entitled to feel what you feel; give yourself time and space. It’s no fun having a difficult situation and trying to change how you feel in an attempt to let something go. Then you’re battling with the situation and with your feelings – how tiring it is! Much better to let situations you cannot change be what they are and patiently wait for them to pass. Of course, if the situation is beyond a hiccup and something quite serious, you should seek professional help and assistance from those around you.

But for those small things that you unhealthily keep rethinking and are not able to do anything about, let it be. Your time and energy is better spent doing something that you enjoy or that is important to you.


If you struggle with being able to stop rethinking unhelpful thoughts, I will be creating post on this topic. Watch this space. 🙂

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