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Bye-bye Phone: A Week-Long Bedtime Ban

If you were following my rather short and rambling post last week, you will have read about my poor bedtime routine and how I would always take my phone into my bedroom before bedtime. It unfortunately was the last thing I looked at at night and the first thing in the morning. I decided to try to kick the phone addiction habit. Today’s post is a review of how a week-long phone ban from my room has made me happier!

After I wrote my previous post, I pledged that my phone would not be welcome in my room before sleep. It was interesting noticing how many times across the week I had a ‘brainwave’ of something I ‘simply needed to check or do’ and needed my trusty phone. Of course, I quickly remembered that my phone was now all the way downstairs and my inner laziness won out to the temptation of grabbing my phone.These ‘brainwaves’ were in fact not important at all. They were mere little curiosities that I had, the information of which I could check at any other time of day. I also realised how much I would usually end up impulse buying something from Amazon or researching things to do during those final hours of a day. Sudden thoughts at night would be something along the lines of, “Oh, it’d be great to read a book about X” or “Maybe I should see what plays or activities are on in London”. Or of course, convincing myself that I needed yet another musical instrument in the house and proceeding to research all about it. I must have saved a fortune this week by not having my phone in my room. The sad truth is, I realised I probably had been making 1-3 orders online each week, due to these ‘brainwaves’. My phone addiction was clearly worse than I realised.

Instead of engaging with these thoughts, as soon as I remembered my phone was now downstairs, I focused on sleeping instead. The lights were off, eye mask was on and earplugs in. I found I was able to drift off to sleep a lot quicker than I ever thought possible!

bye bye phone
Bye bye phone

I must admit it hadn’t been 100% a fair test. Having suffered from shoulder and neck pain, I had also changed my pre-sleep behaviours. I invested in a shoulder and neck massager, which I would use just before sleep for 15 minutes. This I followed by my usual accupressure mat and pillow routine, which I usually lie on for anywhere between 20-40 minutes before bed.

I can’t say that I slept any better than usual. I did keep waking up throughout the night, being the light sleeper that I am. But I felt noticeably more rested and my brain less chaotic. And considering the past week was really ‘stressful’ by normal standards, all I can say is ‘Stress? What stress?’ Even the day that I had to wake up and start work at 4am did not faze me. It has been difficult, but I know it would have been worse if I’d been on my phone each night.

The benefits simply did not stop there. Feeling better rested, I found that I was more patient, calm and able to interact a lot better with my partner. I only hope he has noticed too! Usually he receives the slightly frazzled version of me, who tries to be patient but can often lose patience very quickly due to tiredness.

So overall, the phone ban has resulted in:

  • Less impulse purchases
  • Quicker falling-asleep times
  • Higher quality rest
  • A clearer mind
  • Less stress
  • Being more patient and calm
  • Being a better partner
  • Being HAPPIER

As much as my trusty phone will still be used to write these posts, it no longer has a place on my bedside table. And if I ever feel tempted to break my new routine, I will look back at this post and remember the true cost of using my phone addiction at night. It quite literally is costing me my health and happiness!


Why not try the One Week Bedtime Phone Ban? I’d love to hear what others experience 🙂

You can also read more about phone addictions and phone bans in my post ‘The phone ban take 2: spending a day without a phone’.

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