Remembering To Rest And Sleep Well

This past weekend has been a ‘bad practice’ weekend, but I was determined to end it on a positive note by reflecting upon what I could do differently. I think it’s really important that if something goes badly, that we ensure we learn the lesson that life is trying to teach us. Today’s post is about remembering to rest and sleep well.

The weekend got off to a bad start. Work had been good, but busy, which meant my brain found it harder to switch off than usual. I started the weekend in a bad mood due to being too tired. I was woken multiple times throughout the night and as a result was absolutely exhausted. With the cat meowing for two hours straight, I finally got up. I proceeded to clean the house, empty the dishwasher, wash the laundry and hang it all up. I got dressed, ready to go out, only to learn I’d mistook the timing of when we were due to leave the house. I sat tired for some hours until we were ready to go. These few months, I simply cannot seem to nap; a power nap really could have helped me to feel better at that moment.

The next morning was much the same – following a bad night’s sleep with multiple interruptions and doing chores for over two hours in the morning. These days I feel like I spend more time cleaning the house than relaxing in it. It can be really difficult to feel positive in such a circumstance. I then made the foolish mistake of watching a rather negative and overwhelming movie before bedtime, which made the Empath in me feel like I was suffocating!

These types of circumstances are when I need to remember to rest well. I also need to make a pledge to myself to stop taking my mobile phone to my room at night. Following my experience at a silent retreat I attended at Amaravati, UK, I had one whole week of good quality sleep by reflecting upon what I did differently whilst on retreat. I had a really good rest nailed. Here were the practices I took. They really worked!

1) No mobile phone in the bedroom. Leave it charging downstairs

2) Wear an eyemask. I have a lovely silk one that I bought on Amazon, which has an additional flap that covers further along your nose to block out light

3) Buy a pair of decent earplugs. I bought a pair of Happy Ears and they are SO comfortable and absolutely amazing at blocking out unwanted noise

4) Practice mindfulness to drift off to sleep

5) No matter how bored you get attempting to sleep, DO NOT go downstairs to retrieve your phone 🙂 Just lie back and keep being mindful or meditate for a bit

Sleep mask and earplugs
Silk eye mask and Happy Ears earplugs

The irony is, I am writing this post whilst being unable to sleep (when you read this, it will be Monday morning already as I write on a Sunday, post on a Monday). Shame on me! As I don’t like being a hypocrite, I will start my sleeping best practice again this week.

If life is really busy, remember to get enough rest and a good night’s sleep.


You can get Happy Ears earplugs here:

They look like you can’t side sleep wearing them, but you absolutely can. They are extremely comfy and really block out the noise.

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