Creative Happiness: Finding Your Inner Artist

This past week I have embarked on a creative adventure. I love being creative – playing or composing music, drawing, woodcarving, writing short stories and blogging. The problem is, that magical and thrilling feeling of having true inspiration had been lost for some years. I began to wonder…could there be a cure to my inspiration drought?

Cue Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way: a 12 week ‘course’ to unleash the inner artist. I am only a week in and already have noticed the difference.

Week 1 has been about saying goodbye to inner demons and reversing negative self-talk in addition to undertaking some weekly tasks (mostly involving writing, exploring your trepidation and your artistic dreams). It has been an eye opening experience. As I began to write, I realised how certain figures from the past had caused creative blocks and a lack of self belief within. By becoming more aware of them and firmly placing them in the past, I feel freer and able to move forward instead of linger on the negative beliefs they instilled. It is such a liberating feeling!

Next, I had to stop the negative rhetoric with myself. I don’t think I’m so bad with saying things like ‘I can’t do this’ rather than ‘I can do this’, but found having written down an almost diary-like recording in there, I was still prone to such talk without realising. I also realised that over time I almost banned my creativity on the basis of what others might think. I was missing the point entirely. Creativity is something for me and that makes me happy. If others don’t like it, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the process of creating and feeling the freedom that it provides.

After giving myself permission to be creative – to write silly stories and draw and take up origami again (all in a week!), I felt so much lighter and happier. It may not be arts and crafts that gets you feeling so positively energised, but whatever it is I encourage everyone to give themselves permission to be creative.

Wild flower arrangement
Wild flower arrangement

I took a short trip to Bath with some friends and all the colours within the cottage that we stayed in, the beautiful wild flower arrangements and picturesque garden was an artistic dream. Absolutely heavenly. And Bath with its pretty Georgian houses and the Roman Baths with their sturdy ornate columns were nothing short of spectacular.

I have felt so free this week, all as a result of banishing those inner demons and giving myself time and space to be creative. Let’s see what week 2 of the course will bring! 🙂

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