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Love, Not War

This past weekend was a shock to London after the heinous terror attacks that took place in the city, only days after the Manchester attacks. The act resulted in the loss of yet more lives. Whilst this horror has again opened our eyes to the bad in the world, it also reminds me that war is still happening across our earth every day. The only way we can overcome this is through valuing love and life over disagreement.

It is harder than it sounds. We all have capacity to love, but we also have capacity to hate. Unfortunately with ‘being right’ being a matter of opinion, anything in opposition we tend to fight. But fighting in a manner of bloodshed only seems to result in more bloodshed. And most of us are so far removed from the powers above to do anything visible to rest of the world in the form of love and peace that we can feel helpless during a time like this.

But we needn’t feel helpless or hopeless. We need to in our own way study ourselves – our angers, our egos, our aspects that cause suffering to ourselves and others. If we win the war with the troubled aspects of ourselves, we make the earth, our world and people, brighter too. The work has to start at home.


I made a secret pledge two weeks ago to bring the best version of myself to everything that I do and to everyone that I interact with. It doesn’t mean that I can uphold this all the time, but it is a very strong promise that I will try to do and be better. And that applies to looking after and being better to myself too. It means that when I enter a disagreement, I can voice my opinion but not escalate it to a point that causes great unhappiness to myself or another person. It’s about letting go of my ego and recognising when I’ve perhaps overanalysed or misunderstood something. It’s about saying sorry. It’s realising when something is worth fighting for and when something isn’t. It’s about valuing what is in my life. Valuing love over ‘being right’.

No words can say how sad I feel for the victims, their families, for London and for the world. But let us not forget too that there are war torn countries out there. Some experience this terror many times over in a day, every day. Let us not just say the words ‘Love, not war’, but start at home and practice this in our own way. Love yourself. Love your family. Love your pets. Love your home. Love nature. Love everything that is available to love. Put your best foot forward and bring the best version of yourself that you can hope to bring to every situation. Be a person you can be proud to be. Be a person others can be proud of and hold with joy.

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