The Art of MindFOLDness

Don’t worry my lovely readers, I haven’t gone mad…I really did mean ‘The Art of MindFOLDness’. This week I have been rediscovering my childhood love for origami.

During my weekly creative date, I had bought myself some origami paper and decided to try to make some animals. I could only remember how to make a crane and a lotus flower and decided it was time to reawaken my love of paper folding.

I stumbled across Samuel Tsang’s The Book of Mindful Origami and being a lover of puns, I was thrilled when I saw that he called the process of origami MindFOLDness. It really does hit the nail on the head. For origami, you need to be focused in order to create the correct folds with accuracy.

Aside from looking at books, I searched for origami videos on YouTube. I had never thought to look for an origami video before and it seemed odd to me. I hadn’t folded for so long that I kid you not – YouTube had not existed (shock horror! 🙂 ). I had always learnt from books and on occasion been confused by diagrams for tricky folds. YouTube was slightly easier to follow, but during my time making a cat I did end up frustrated for some 40 minutes during an odd reverse squash fold. It was an excellent way to practice patience and perseverance!

origami animals mindfoldness
Origami animals

What I also found interesting about Tsang’s book was looking at the fold lines that formed completed pieces (i.e. the lines of a finished piece, deconstructed back to a flat sheet of paper). It was a reminder that through creativity, time, focus and patience, we can make beautiful creations. By using our energy creatively, things need not stay flat. But it is important too to remember that even with complex things, there is always a simple base upon which it is formed.

Origami was a great way to help clear my mind. The end product also put a big smile on my face, and mastering some tricky folds gave a real positive boost to the evening. If you’re looking to occupy your time indoors, work creatively and practice mindfulness at the same time, I definitely recommend taking up the art of origami and mindFOLDness.


You can buy Samuel Tsang’s The Book of Mindful Origami on Amazon UK

His website (for workshops!) is http://www.mindfoldness.com

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