The Lessons Of Life: Are You Listening?

I have thought of the universe like a giant classroom. In that classroom are many students. The lesson being taught is Life. Many of us may have asked what the point to life is – what is the grand answer to this extensive lesson? We’ve even seen references to it in pop culture like A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, where the answer is the number 42. But I think the students are missing the point here. The reason why this question is so difficult to answer is because there are many intricate modules to the grand lesson. There are many life lessons to learn along the way. The question is, are we paying attention? What lessons are we learning today?

Welcome to life's lessons
Welcome to life’s lessons

Some students may find themselves stuck in a rut. ‘Why does this keep happening to me?’ It seems like the life lesson is being horrid to the student. But perhaps it’s because the student hasn’t yet learnt how to reach the answer. So the problems keep recurring. Just like maths class – when you just can’t get your head around a difficult equation. But slowly you learn the process and afterwards it no longer seems such a problem.

An issue is, we’re perhaps in need of a teacher. There are life coaches available and counsellors…but have you ever thought that your teacher is always with you? One life tutor of mine said that Mother Nature was our teacher. This may sound crazy, but have you ever noticed that sometimes really bad things can happen in life, but afterwards you seem to have an epiphany of why you went through what you did? That’s Nature right there, teaching you life lessons. Life lessons are happening all the time. The question is, are you listening?

We struggle in this life. Sometimes days are plain sailing. And the next, Life can seem to get on top of us. Often (although granted not always), things can become overwhelming when we haven’t listened to the lessons carefully. An example is if you have engaged in an argument. It hurts, doesn’t it? But that argument is actually a lesson for you. Did you listen long enough to realise that you are learning a lesson about respect and patience? A disagreement may occur, but an argument never if you have learnt acceptance, patience and respect both for yourself and others.

Or maybe you feel overwhelmed by the housework. The lesson there may be to do little and often to stop the build up or perhaps to ask for or hire help.

Maybe you have anger during a traffic jam? The lesson is patience.

Maybe you have a recurrent emotional pain? The lesson is to let it go or to let it be. Acceptance.

Maybe you feel constantly lethargic or bored but have no idea what to do? The lesson is to try new things – almost anything – to discover what you may be deeply interested or talented in.

Maybe you feel disatisfaction? The lesson is to listen to your heart and have the bravery to make a decision and follow with the appropriate action.

Maybe you feel worry? The lesson is that if you cannot change the outcome then there is no need to worry and if you can influence the outcome then there is no need to worry. Acceptance.

There are so many more life lessons all around us and we must listen to them or be handed a heavy seemingly out-of-the-blue blow when things build up and get out of hand. We also must be studious and not give up learning on a lesson that is worth the time and effort to learn. Significant development does not come overnight. For some reason, with suffering and life stresses, we feel they should just disappear. In reality, we need to work with them to alleviate our issues rather than ignore them.

And for those of us prone to only noticing the bad things in life, we also need to listen to where there is good. When do we feel content and why? How can we bring more contentment into our lives?

Life is here, teaching you everything you need to know. The only question is whether you are ready to listen, learn and take action. If you are, then the good news is that Life is going to get a whole lot more beautiful 🙂

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