How to cultivate happiness

Today is International Day of Happiness! As my blog is dedicated to the wonderful topic of happiness, I thought I would share 5 tips of how to cultivate happiness in your life.

1. Make a happiness action plan and stick to it

It’s too easy to let life happen instead of choosing what events to place within our lives. Last year, I created a list of 100 things to do that would contribute to my happiness. These included visiting museums, creating music, drawing, going on holiday, seeing plays and going on walks, just to name a few. Then I booked those items into the diary and began to complete them. Unsurprisingly, it made me feel a whole lot happier. Why not try to create your own personalised happiness action plan?

2. Learn to accept things as they are and let them be

When times are tough, it’s natural to want to try to push our issues away. However, by denying the reality of a situation or how we feel, this can cause even more conflict and unhappiness. So even when things are less than ideal, we need to accept the situation to then effectively move past it. By learning to let things be, we can make our lives as happy as possible through minimising the time we spend in conflict with reality.

3. Love yourself

We can be our own worst judge, setting the bar high for what we hope to achieve or trying too hard to please others. It’s important to try to not be so critical of yourself. Sure, have ambitious goals, but remember to listen to your innermost self at every given moment. Let yourself freely feel what you feel and don’t beat yourself up if you’re not meeting your own expectations of yourself or what you deem to be others’ expectations of you. Work towards your goals, but don’t push so hard that you forget your wellbeing or stop enjoying your journey.

4. Do things that make you laugh

Laughter releases oxytocin (also known as the ‘hugging hormone’). It makes you feel great! Whether laughter comes in the form of having an evening with friends, watching a comedy or doing fun activities, make sure you get a healthy dose of laughter each day.

5. Share a smile

Much like a yawn, a smile is utterly infectious. Have you ever been walking along and suddenly seen a genuine smile on the face of another person? It’s hard not to return the smile. Smile at others so that those not having such a good day may have some goodness enter their lives too. Smile to yourself to celebrate the amazing individual that you are. Share your smile to spread your happiness far and wide.

Remember, any day is a perfectly good day to cultivate your happiness. You deserve happiness. Sending warm smiles and well wishes your way.


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