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Manifesting dreams and desires

I have had many items appearing in my Facebook feed saying things like ‘Share this post and your dreams will come true’, ‘State your intention aloud three times and your wish will come true’. There are many posts about manifestation. About the universe giving and us receiving. I do believe that the universe works in ways we have yet to uncover, but I want to write today about an assured way to manifest your dreams and desires. It isn’t about sharing posts or uttering intentions (although the latter act can at least bring your dreams and desires more to your attention). The not-so-secret secret is taking action.

I once wrote a post about how reading self help books as a lone action doesn’t help and how only by going on to apply those self care learnings would result in improvement. This wasn’t one of my most popular posts, but it carried a valid message that needs to be voiced above the noise of chain letters (or chain posts). In order for us to achieve anything, we need to take action. We can hope, wish, dream…whatever you want to call it. But there is little chance these things will come true without a strong intention and action.

Sometimes we can talk down to our dreams and desires. We can say that they are stupid or worthless. If we say this enough, the dream dies at that point. It becomes dust. We need to remember that we live in a land of dreams. Even the aspects of the world we deem nightmares was someone’s dream. Unfortunately some dream the validity of war and take violent action, and so it becomes a reality. If we have beautiful dreams, dreams of creation, dreams of love, dreams of peace, the only way any of these can become real is by taking action.

I can tell you this as a truth, because I am proof. I have shared my story before as a child who suffered anxiety, an adolescent who was severely depressed, as a young adult who walked the line. I had dreamt and dreamt of a better life, a life where I was not at war with myself. It seemed impossible. Absolutely impossible. I was so opposite to the dream, it seemed unattainable. I read so many books, probably at least ten to twenty a year, about how to build a better life. And nothing was happening. Absolutely nothing. I wished so much that my situation would improve, but it didn’t. It seemed utterly pointless.

Eventually I realised that nothing was happening because I’d got hung up on that one action – researching the best self care practises rather than trying some…any…of them out. I had to take action. I had to stop with researching the best way to improve my life and simply take steps to improve it. Four years later and at the age of twenty five, I realised I had everything (material) I had dreamed of. A nice flat and a good job. I felt happy and free.

Of course, still being a human working towards uncovering the pure spirit/soul within, I naturally began to have new dreams. I dreamt of a more peaceful life. I dreamt of being surrounded by nature rather than so many buildings. I dreamt of finding an amazing partner to share my life with. I dreamt of having a forum to help others. I dreamt of sharing my learnings in the hope that it would help others. Another six-seven years on, I feel such a greater sense of peace through continuing to take action through practising a peaceful way of living. I moved outside the capital, where there are beautiful woods and fields. I gave love a chance and found a wonderful man. I began to share my learnings through this blog. And a few days ago, after 8 months of creation, preparation and meetings, I ran a stress management workshop as part of Mental Health Awareness Week.

I have yet larger dreams of how to bring more peace into the world and I don’t doubt for a second that I will achieve all that I really fully place my energy behind.

It can be tricky at first. You can read my words or others’ words and still think maybe your ideas, dreams and desires can’t become a reality. But remember that I and pretty much everyone else who achieved any of their large dreams in life was once there. It all starts with a dream. And the dream becomes a reality as soon as you decide to take action. It leads you further into spaces that once seemed impossible. Because we often only focus on our current position and finished product, things can seem impossible. Nothing is impossible. You just need to break it down into smaller steps. Sometimes steps that seem wholly insignificant. If you just do a bit every day, a year later you will look back and realise how ridiculously far you have come with your dream.

So you can continue to dream and desire. You can believe that the dream alone will mean manifestation will occur. You can leave it to chance and maybe Lady Luck will be good to you. Or you can go out there and make opportunities and achieve your dream, one step at a time. What we often confuse as the path leading to the dream really is us living the dream. The final product is the realisation. The small steps leading to the realisation are us actively living our dream. Each moment is to be treasured.

This world is a dream world. You can either live in a land created by others, or you can become a creator. Whatever your dream (so long as it’s not harmful), don’t talk down to it. Liberate yourself and your dream.

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