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The Self Care Project by Jayne Hardy

Today’s post is a review of Blurt Foundation CEO Jayne Hardy’s book, The Self Care Project. As a self professed self care, meditation, mindfulness, and wellbeing junkie, I will ruin this post upfront by heartily encouraging anyone and everyone who is in a tough spot to go out and buy this book. ‘Why?’, you may ask. Read on to find out.

I first embarked upon Jayne Hardy’s work through Blurt Foundation. It was a couple of years ago and I was going through a tough spot. I decided that I needed to read about others experiences and find words of encouragement and so happened to stumble upon the foundation. At the time, they were (and still are) sending out emails of understanding and encouragement to those going through a tough spot. It was so nice to read simple but supportive words at a time when I needed it most. From there, I then discovered that they sold the infamous (to all Blurt Foundation followers) Buddy Box. It is a subscription box like no other – a little treat that you can buy for yourself or a loved one on a one off or subscription basis. It contains lots of self care goodies such as a warm pair of socks, tea, little notebooks, postcards with sweet messages on them, face masks, lip balm and so on. Whilst I am for the greater part feeling considerably better through my own self care practice, I was excited when I finally got round to purchasing Jayne Hardy’s The Self Care Project. I had bought it on Kindle and treated myself to the audiobook too as I have been so exhausted lately. It was perfect to rest my eyes and listen to Jayne’s voice read such encouraging and helpful words.

The main reason why I felt very connected with the contents of Jayne’s book wasn’t even necessarily what she was saying (even though it was brilliant advice!). I guess through my own practice over the years and the very many resources I have studied, I already knew a lot of the self care practices. However, it was how she presented the content that made all the difference. Her style is so wonderfully personable. So many self care books (and, upon reflection, sometimes even my own posts!) can sometimes seem wholly instructive. But Jayne’s style is colloquial and fun…to the point that I am referencing her as Jayne rather than ‘Hardy’. The audiobook made ‘reading’ the book an enjoyable experience too as it felt like having a good friend telling you great pieces of advice whilst wholly empathising with you.

Ok, so this wouldn’t be a very useful review if I perhaps don’t share some nuggets of information from her book. Let me say here, all of it is useful. However, I’ve picked out a handful of my favourite points here.

The Self Care Project by Jayne Hardy
Book cover of The Self Care Project by Jayne Hardy. Image from Amazon UK

1. Self care doesn’t need to be expensive or glamourous

Jayne reminds us that self care isn’t just things like spa days and face masks, but even simple items like getting enough sleep is a form of self care.

2. It’s normal to feel prickly and overwhelmed

Jayne normalises the fact that sometimes we will inevitably feel prickly and overwhelmed. In her charming way of writing, she makes us remember that it’s ok and part of being human.

3. Learn lessons from your failure

It’s good to stop and reflect on what we can learn from our ‘failures’. This can help stop us from making the same, repeated mistakes and can encourage us to try something new/a new approach. A great quote from the book is, “[…]we all screw up but we wouldn’t be able to walk if, as babies, we hadn’t stumbled, flexed and kept trying”.

4. Be comfortable with yourself

In an attempt to fit in, we sometimes can go along with the majority rather than being true to ourselves.

5. Self care is evolving and we have a right to change our mind

I particularly loved this section of the book. We can sometimes get caught up in self care habits that have always served us well, so much so that we don’t realise that it no longer works for us. Or sometimes maybe we’re scared what others may think if we do a 180 degree turn when we said we wouldn’t. We need to do what is right for our self care at any given time and it may wildly differ from where we started.


If it wasn’t clear from the start of my post, I LOVE this book. I can hand on heart tell you all that I have read so many self care books in my time. At first because I was looking for self care advice for my personal circumstance and after because I remained interested in this field. If you want practical self care advice, some exercises to help embed self care and a book that reads as something personable rather than a text book, then The Self Care Project may well be the book for you.


The Self Care Project by Jayne Hardy is available on Amazon UK

You can also find out more about Blurt Foundation and Buddy Boxes at

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