The Path of Wisdom

As 2018 drew to a close, I reflected on my chosen focus of the year, Wisdom. As I have done since the end of 2016, I have spent the last couple of months of each year slowly piecing together a plan of how to invoke my chosen word of the year. My belief is that whatever we put our hearts and focus into, we can and will achieve, even if it takes a little time. So what did I learn this past year?

1. There is wisdom in silence

I found myself in the company of something that has become a good friend of mine – silence. In this incredibly busy world where there seems to be a voice everywhere, be it in person or on the internet (mine included!), it can become harder to hear your own voice. In my case, as a HSP and avid reader, even reading or listening to music can have similar if not deeper effects than listening to the opinions of others. So spending time in silence can be a good way to reconnect with innate wisdom

2. You become wiser through failure

I used to hate failing. In fact, I used to be terrified of it. But then I realised it was better to keep trying at something important to me than not trying at all. Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way opened my eyes when she stated that in order to master anything, you had to fail first and that failure was actually a path of learning. I firmly believe this. When you try something and think you are failing, you never reach level 0 again. You are always building, no matter how slowly. You are working to reach your goal.

3. There is wisdom in everything

If you listen carefully enough, there is a story and a learning in all things that happen to you and all things around you. I greatly enjoyed reading Tristan Gooley’s Wild Signs and Star Paths, where Gooley highlights the signs we can find in nature to aid us: using trees, stars and the wind to find our direction if we are lost. There truly is Wisdom in all things. Sometimes a situation can be a bit warped or even bad, but these are the learnings that are imparted.

4. Never think you’re the wisest you can be

There is universal wisdom which holds true throughout life and then there is personal wisdom, which is the type that should be reviewed. As things continuously change in life, it’s important not to become stagnant in opinions or ways of being if they no longer hold true. I often find that reviewing my opinions and engaging in challenging discussions can help create a more rounded and deeper view of life.

5. Try to embody Wisdom

Whilst I have come on a long journey in my understanding of wisdom, I will continue my journey on this path to seek those ultimate truths that hold true and pass the test of time. It is one thing to read wisdom and another to embody it. Through listening to life’s lessons and engaging with each experience, I hope to continue to cultivate wisdom within my life.


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