Welcome to Path of Happiness Blog. This blog is about promoting happiness, mindfulness and wellbeing.

Path of Happiness Blog was created in January 2017. Author, Serena W. Wong, began a ‘100 Things to do in 2017′ life goals list, which featured creating a wellbeing blog. This was as part of a year long challenge to increase her personal happiness after suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

To Serena, happiness was always something she had previously been seeking. Over the years, she faced difficulties with self acceptance and the harsh realities of the world. She felt her own and others’ suffering deeply and wanted to put an end to suffering, promoting peaceful living. Through time and life lessons, she learned that to be happy and peaceful, we need to accept life’s ups and downs; the good and the bad. We need to do our best to feed our souls with things we enjoy to help our inner happiness to grow. We need to practice a mindful way of living to be peaceful within ourselves. Moreover, we should also help others to achieve the happiness through peace.

Serena has spent her life actively observing human interactions and emotions. Her earliest recollection of doing so and being aware of human suffering was at the early age of 3. In addition to many years of contemplation and self work, Serena decided to document her experiences and observations on the wonderful topics of happiness and mindfulness. She hopes that this blog will serve as a useful (or at least interesting) resource for others to increase their awareness on their personal path of happiness.

Serena did contemplate calling this blog ‘Path to Happiness Blog’, but as the age-old saying goes, ‘Happiness is a journey, not a destination’. So Path of Happiness Blog was born.

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