Hi, I’m Serena. Welcome to my blog, Path Of Happiness. I started this blog in January 2017 as part of my ‘100 Things to do in 2017’ list. To me, Happiness has always been something I’ve been seeking. Over the years, I’ve faced difficulties in accepting myself and how cruel the world and people can sometimes seem. I craved Happiness. Happiness 24-7. But through time and life lessons, I have accepted that there is always going to be bad in this world. To be happy, we need to accept life’s ups and downs, the good and the bad, and do our best to feed our souls with things we enjoy and that help our inner happiness grow.

I have spent my life (the earliest I remember is since the age of 3!) actively observing human interactions and emotions. In addition to many years of contemplation and self work, I have decided to document my experiences and observations on the wonderful topics of Happiness and Mindfulness. I hope that this will serve as a useful (or at least interesting) resource for others to increase their awareness of their Path Of Happiness.

As the age-old saying goes, ‘Happiness is a journey, not a destination’.




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