When worlds collide

I’ve had a funny few weeks, a time of life that perhaps doesn’t get talked about much. It is when you feel like you’re in between any notable landmarks in life and yet perhaps it’s because you’re stood right on top of a landmark. As a person who keeps herself very busy, being in the… Continue reading When worlds collide

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My Favourite Things Challenge

Last week I posted an image to my Instagram page, accompanied by the caption (and in my mind, singing voice of Julie Andrews playing Maria Von Trapp in The Sound of Music), “Droplets on branches after the rain, these are a few of my favourite things”. It got me thinking about how this iconic scene… Continue reading My Favourite Things Challenge

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Musical Meditation: The Blues Harmonica

One night last year, I awoke from a spectacular dream. I had been playing blues on the harmonica in the spotlight on a small stage with an audience cheering me on. Upon awakening, I immediately decided that I needed to learn the harmonica and an hour later I had signed up to group lessons. Little… Continue reading Musical Meditation: The Blues Harmonica

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Creativity and the Depression Addiction

I previously wrote a post about trying to rediscover my creativity by following a 12 week course of Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way . Unfortunately halfway through the course I broke my arm and never got round to completing it. However, it still made a significant impact on me engaging with my creativity again. As… Continue reading Creativity and the Depression Addiction

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What A Colouring Book Taught Me

For the past couple of years, adult colouring books have taken the UK by storm. You can find them in almost every book store. The varieties are endless – pattern books, mythical creatures, or even Game Of Thrones colouring books. Why have colouring books been such a phenomenon and what can we learn from them?… Continue reading What A Colouring Book Taught Me