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Connecting with our world

I have been radio silent for a number of months now, further training in insight meditation and also taking a moment to really focus in on my own personal development and meditation practice. This half year has brought me to actively feel and understand the world at a deeper level. It is the understanding of… Continue reading Connecting with our world

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Mindfully cutting down on plastic

Whilst many initially approach mindfulness to help improve their mental wellbeing, mindfulness naturally ends up increasing our awareness of our general lifestyle. We become increasingly aware of what we consume, be that food and drink, sounds, media, etc. Subsequently, we also become more aware of what we waste. Reducing waste is something I’ve become passionate… Continue reading Mindfully cutting down on plastic

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Living A Peaceful Life

It’s World Peace Day, so I wanted to write a special post to celebrate this important day by exploring how to live a peaceful life. With the world in its war torn state and political turmoil, it’s important for each one us to take stock of how we can contribute to a more peaceful world.… Continue reading Living A Peaceful Life

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What We Can Learn From Nobel Laureates

This weekend I had the great pleasure of visiting the wonderful city of Stockholm. With summer days underway, the gardens dotted around the city are beautiful and in full bloom, the buildings standing with their various paint and brickwork next to the canals and rivers. In Gamla Stan, the old town, the former stock exchange… Continue reading What We Can Learn From Nobel Laureates

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Love, Not War

This past weekend was a shock to London after the heinous terror attacks that took place in the city, only days after the Manchester attacks. The act resulted in the loss of yet more lives. Whilst this horror has again opened our eyes to the bad in the world, it also reminds me that war… Continue reading Love, Not War

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When Money Can Buy Happiness

This year, my proudest moment so far has been to return home after work to discover two letters waiting for me – one from the university I once studied at, and the other from Samaritans. Both were thank you letters for my monetary donations. It seems, spent the right way, money can buy happiness. Since… Continue reading When Money Can Buy Happiness