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Saying “I love you” to your inner critic

It’s been a life journey, but after spending a week long retreat at the beautiful Holy Isle off the west coast of Scotland, I finally made peace with myself. It seemed miraculous and yet utterly natural at the same time that after years of battling with my own inner critic, I could finally say to… Continue reading Saying “I love you” to your inner critic

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Creating a ‘not to do’ list

I’ve had a lengthy on-off relationship with journalling, with this year marking an engaging 12 months where journalling is concerned. Often I’ll write about mindfulness practice, my dreams and thoughts. I also write down three things I’m grateful for each day and three things I’d like to achieve. Recently, I stumbled across the idea of… Continue reading Creating a ‘not to do’ list

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Why being happy can be hard

As the start to the year is in full flow, I thought I would reflect on what I have learnt about how to live a happy life. A lot of tips about how to be happy can be found in other posts on my blog. However, I wanted to highlight one thing specifically: why being… Continue reading Why being happy can be hard

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Letting Go Of Perfectionism

Hello my lovely readers. I am sorry for the long absence. Studying an MSc in Mindfulness has kept me busy with essay writing, daily meditation practice and journaling. Spending the best part of a number of weeks slowly piecing together an essay for the first time in over a decade, I thought, “Look how far… Continue reading Letting Go Of Perfectionism

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Making friends with seasonal affective disorder

Last year, I wrote some advice on how to beat the winter blues, also known as seasonal affective disorder [S.A.D.]. Today’s post is more focused on how to make friends with S.A.D. “Make friends with it?!” I hear you exclaim. Yes, it is possible. After suffering with S.A.D. since as long as I can remember,… Continue reading Making friends with seasonal affective disorder

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Putting your life before your work

A week ago, I had a pile of work to do and that familiar voice in my head telling me to stay late and then to work at home until the early hours of the morning. Thankfully a voice of experience spoke louder. “No, you’ve been there before. It made you ill. Don’t do it”.… Continue reading Putting your life before your work

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How to minimise negativity bias

Last week I experienced a particularly stressful day. It had been a long time since I’d felt that intensity of stress. I had to deal with an extremely angry person. It seemed that spilling out their anger in any given scenario was their default communication style. They appeared oblivious to their own behaviour, which highlighted… Continue reading How to minimise negativity bias

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Saying a heartfelt hello

Earlier this week, I was feeling depleted of energy. I’d been placing a lot of energy into my work and seemed to have met a dead-end with a project I was working on, all the while knowing that what I had written wasn’t the final product and that I’d have to dig deeper. There were… Continue reading Saying a heartfelt hello

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5 mindful pit stops

It’s been a stressful time recently and I have found myself practising Yoga Nidra these past couple of weeks more than my usual seated meditation. Feeling pretty exhausted, I was on my train journey home yesterday looking out of the window but barely noticing the beautiful summer scenery beyond. Suddenly a thought came to me,… Continue reading 5 mindful pit stops

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Remaining calm during stressful work situations

Recently, I was asked by a few people on how I remain calm during stressful situations at work. The question somewhat surprised me as I realised how a situation that many of my colleagues and I were facing was rather challenging and how once upon a time I too would have found this stressful. It… Continue reading Remaining calm during stressful work situations