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Mindfulness in Mindo Cloud Forest

Today I’m writing from Ecuador. I have completed the middle leg of a ten day trip, exploring the wonderful nature that Ecuador has to offer. An amazing part of the trip has involved staying at a lovely ecolodge, El Monte, in the Mindo cloud forest region. Entering the lodge was already a lovely adventure, via… Continue reading Mindfulness in Mindo Cloud Forest

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What makes a lasting friendship?

For an entire year of blogging about happiness last year, not once did I mention something incredibly important – friendship! Perhaps it’s this year’s wisdom focus that has spurred me on to blog about one of the most important subjects to our wellbeing – having good friends. I have been thinking about friendships a fair… Continue reading What makes a lasting friendship?


Listen to listen. Don’t listen to judge.

Critical. Defensive. Always ready to impose an opinion. We can all be guilty of judgmental listening, but often are unaware of the lessons we may be missing or the relationships we may be damaging. Today’s post is about the dangers of judgmental listening. I have been listening to some of Adi Vajra’s podcasts this week.… Continue reading Listen to listen. Don’t listen to judge.

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Walk With Me: A Review

After spotting some articles and Facebook posts of Marc Francis and Max Pugh’s Walk With Me featuring Thich Nhat Hanh, I immediately was on the look out for screenings in the UK. Finally spotting tickets on Sunday, I booked a seat at the Curzon Dochouse for the Tuesday. A film about mindfulness, I was intrigued… Continue reading Walk With Me: A Review

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Nurturing Your Inner Wisdom

Last year, my goal was all about doing things that cultivated my happiness. Whilst writing my plan for 2018, which is all about wisdom, I found that my list of goals were entirely different. Instead of lots of tasks relating to going places and exploring new things, my objectives for nurturing wisdom are more low… Continue reading Nurturing Your Inner Wisdom

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Lessons of Happiness from 2017

2017 comes to a close and what a year it’s been! At the start of the year, this blog didn’t even exist and I embarked on a journey of attempting to complete a hundred things that would contribute towards my goal and word of the year: Happiness. So how did I fare? I am happy… Continue reading Lessons of Happiness from 2017

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Musical Meditation: The Blues Harmonica

One night last year, I awoke from a spectacular dream. I had been playing blues on the harmonica in the spotlight on a small stage with an audience cheering me on. Upon awakening, I immediately decided that I needed to learn the harmonica and an hour later I had signed up to group lessons. Little… Continue reading Musical Meditation: The Blues Harmonica