When worlds collide

I’ve had a funny few weeks, a time of life that perhaps doesn’t get talked about much. It is when you feel like you’re in between any notable landmarks in life and yet perhaps it’s because you’re stood right on top of a landmark. As a person who keeps herself very busy, being in the… Continue reading When worlds collide

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Creativity and the Depression Addiction

I previously wrote a post about trying to rediscover my creativity by following a 12 week course of Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way . Unfortunately halfway through the course I broke my arm and never got round to completing it. However, it still made a significant impact on me engaging with my creativity again. As… Continue reading Creativity and the Depression Addiction

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Creative Happiness: Finding Your Inner Artist

This past week I have embarked on a creative adventure. I love being creative – playing or composing music, drawing, woodcarving, writing short stories and blogging. The problem is, that magical and thrilling feeling of having true inspiration had been lost for some years. I began to wonder…could there be a cure to my inspiration… Continue reading Creative Happiness: Finding Your Inner Artist