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How to minimise negativity bias

Last week I experienced a particularly stressful day. It had been a long time since I’d felt that intensity of stress. I had to deal with an extremely angry person. It seemed that spilling out their anger in any given scenario was their default communication style. They appeared oblivious to their own behaviour, which highlighted… Continue reading How to minimise negativity bias


31 things to be thankful for

This past week I turned 31. In fact it was a special ‘number day’ as I was 31 on the 31st. As another year passes by, I reflect upon things that I have been thankful for and have listed one for every year of my life in approximate age-order. It’s a long read, but I… Continue reading 31 things to be thankful for

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My Favourite Things Challenge

Last week I posted an image to my Instagram page, accompanied by the caption (and in my mind, singing voice of Julie Andrews playing Maria Von Trapp in The Sound of Music), “Droplets on branches after the rain, these are a few of my favourite things”. It got me thinking about how this iconic scene… Continue reading My Favourite Things Challenge

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An Unexpected Encounter

Yesterday I had an unexpected encounter. Living in a village with the fresh country air and the nearby farmers fields, I usually enjoy my morning walk to the train station. I observe the changes of the season, the morning sky dimming day by day as autumn-winter sets in, and the yellow, red and brown leaves… Continue reading An Unexpected Encounter

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Treasure Your Love With Gratitude

Today I am writing about treasuring and valuing the impermanence of all things and people in life. Sometimes we can forget what treasures – whether large or small – we have in life and take things for granted. Worse still, we can spend time wishing that people could be different or that things could be… Continue reading Treasure Your Love With Gratitude

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Lessons From A Day At The Spa

On Monday, I was an extremely lucky and spoilt person. My partner had got me a spa day voucher last Christmas and I finally redeemed the voucher, enjoying the beautiful ESPA Life at Corinthia, London. I love spas and massages and had seen so many photos of this particular spa that I was very excited… Continue reading Lessons From A Day At The Spa


Being Aware And Thankful For Our Bodies

This week, I had a not-so-mindful moment where all I was focused on was catching a train to be in time for a meeting. Unfortunately I tripped and fractured my elbow. Whilst it was a small hairline fracture, it made me very thankful for my body and how well it has been serving me. It… Continue reading Being Aware And Thankful For Our Bodies


The Small Things In Life

Prolonged days of stress, lack of sleep, placing pressure on yourself to do better and to do more…sometimes life can seem a long list of unexciting ‘to do’s that it’s hard to notice any good things at all. We forget to see and appreciate the small things in life. For those who know me, believe… Continue reading The Small Things In Life

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Your Mental Health 5-A-Day

Eight years ago, when I studied in China, my tutor (who incidentally had selected ‘Happy’ as her English name…she really was the happiest person I’d ever met) asked the class the following question, ‘If you could only choose one of the following, which would it be? Health, wealth or love?’ She asked us to raise… Continue reading Your Mental Health 5-A-Day