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Creating a ‘not to do’ list

I’ve had a lengthy on-off relationship with journalling, with this year marking an engaging 12 months where journalling is concerned. Often I’ll write about mindfulness practice, my dreams and thoughts. I also write down three things I’m grateful for each day and three things I’d like to achieve. Recently, I stumbled across the idea of… Continue reading Creating a ‘not to do’ list


Is Your Pride Holding You Back?

Recently I have been thinking about how pride can be a tricky and sly personality trait. Often we can hear words like ‘take pride in your work’ or ‘take pride in your achievements’. Whilst these common phrases are meant in an encouraging and unharmful manner, we should also be aware that too much pride can… Continue reading Is Your Pride Holding You Back?

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Lessons From A Day At The Spa

On Monday, I was an extremely lucky and spoilt person. My partner had got me a spa day voucher last Christmas and I finally redeemed the voucher, enjoying the beautiful ESPA Life at Corinthia, London. I love spas and massages and had seen so many photos of this particular spa that I was very excited… Continue reading Lessons From A Day At The Spa

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Building Bridges of Forgiveness

Today I attended a talk called ‘Forgive, Forget and Let Go’ hosted by Innerspace at London’s Savoy Place. As suggested from the title of the talk, it was about how to approach forgiveness and free yourself from the chains of the past. Presented by Davina Lloyd, the talk outlined her personal challenges and experiences with… Continue reading Building Bridges of Forgiveness

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Cure Your Past And Your Future In The Present

Have you ever had a low point in life that seems amplified by similar situations from the past? Sometimes it can be as simple as a stressful day that has seemingly piled on top of previous stressful days. Other times it can be a bad situation┬áthat seems to be repeating itself. When you’re feeling low,… Continue reading Cure Your Past And Your Future In The Present

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What Frozen’s Elsa and John Lennon Taught Me

This may seem an odd title for a post all about Happiness. An animated snow queen vs a legend of music. But what I wanted to focus on were the titles of their famous songs, ‘Let it go’ and ‘Let it be’. When life has a bout of bad hiccups, it can be hard to… Continue reading What Frozen’s Elsa and John Lennon Taught Me