Embodying peace and love

Whilst some may wake in the night and start pondering on the stresses of life, I found myself waking in the early hours one morning, thinking about how being a best friend to ourselves and treating people as we would like to be treated ourselves work towards one common goal. That goal is embodying peace… Continue reading Embodying peace and love


Learnings from New Scientist Live: Mental Health

I had the pleasure of attending the Royal College of General Practitioners on Saturday to listen to talks by researchers and practitioners in the mental health field. The lectures were part of the New Scientist Live event about mental health. A range of topics and expertise were covered, which presented key findings in mental health,… Continue reading Learnings from New Scientist Live: Mental Health


Silencing the Inner Storm

Life has been pretty chaotic lately and I couldn’t help but thinking about a saying that goes along the lines of, ‘You should meditate for at least 20 minutes a day, unless you’re too busy…then you should meditate for an hour’. I felt so full of work and other stresses that it came as a… Continue reading Silencing the Inner Storm


Do Something That Makes You Happy

To close my posts for Mental Health Awareness Week, I would like to remind everyone of something really basic. Life is tough enough as it is and it will always have its ups and downs and worries. Sometimes amidst it all, we forget to do something that makes us happy.   [An amazing work of… Continue reading Do Something That Makes You Happy

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Work-Related Stress and Mental Health: How To Help Others and Yourself

Workaholic. Working from early hours of the morning right through until the late hours. Drinking multiple cups of coffee to get through the day. Staring at the glowing blue screen of your phone by night. Today’s post is all about finding work-related stress and mental health and our management of it. According to UK’s Health… Continue reading Work-Related Stress and Mental Health: How To Help Others and Yourself

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If you need space, look for nothing

Work, family life, remembering appointments, meeting professional and personal deadlines, doing chores, rushing around…sometimes you just want to shout, ‘Stop!’ and for everything to halt. You need space but don’t have time for a holiday. You need space and you just can’t find it. On weekend and the weekend before, I had been clearing the… Continue reading If you need space, look for nothing


Your Mental Health 5-A-Day

Eight years ago, when I studied in China, my tutor (who incidentally had selected ‘Happy’ as her English name…she really was the happiest person I’d ever met) asked the class the following question, ‘If you could only choose one of the following, which would it be? Health, wealth or love?’ She asked us to raise… Continue reading Your Mental Health 5-A-Day