Mindfulness and Sensory Processing Disorder

It’s been a long while since the last post as this year amidst the trials of the global pandemic, I have found myself struggling with my lifelong issues relating to sensory processing disorder. You may be wondering what sensory processing disorder is and also what on earth it has to do with mindfulness. If so,… Continue reading Mindfulness and Sensory Processing Disorder

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Connecting with our world

I have been radio silent for a number of months now, further training in insight meditation and also taking a moment to really focus in on my own personal development and meditation practice. This half year has brought me to actively feel and understand the world at a deeper level. It is the understanding of… Continue reading Connecting with our world

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A Year of Mindful Learnings

Back at the end of May, I visited the Holy Isle off the west coast of Scotland, completing the end of my first year of the MSc Studies in Mindfulness. It has been a fruitful year, full of challenges but many insights and a new way of being. Rather symbolically, as we engaged with closing… Continue reading A Year of Mindful Learnings

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Saying “I love you” to your inner critic

It’s been a life journey, but after spending a week long retreat at the beautiful Holy Isle off the west coast of Scotland, I finally made peace with myself. It seemed miraculous and yet utterly natural at the same time that after years of battling with my own inner critic, I could finally say to… Continue reading Saying “I love you” to your inner critic


The Path of Wisdom

As 2018 drew to a close, I reflected on my chosen focus of the year, Wisdom. As I have done since the end of 2016, I have spent the last couple of months of each year slowly piecing together a plan of how to invoke my chosen word of the year. My belief is that… Continue reading The Path of Wisdom

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The Best Meditation App

Thinking of taking up meditation in the new year? I have been a long time user of various meditation and mindfulness apps. So after many years, I’ve decided to finally write a post about the three best known mindfulness apps and my experiences with them. Too often, we find that being on our phones can… Continue reading The Best Meditation App


From Blog to Masters 1 year 9 months later

I’m sharing a self indulgent post this week, around 1 year and 9 months after I started this blog about happiness and mindfulness. Last weekend marked new territory for me as I began my journey in studying for an MSc in Studies In Mindfulness. Having practised mindfulness for 10 years now, mainly through self learning,… Continue reading From Blog to Masters 1 year 9 months later

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How to minimise negativity bias

Last week I experienced a particularly stressful day. It had been a long time since I’d felt that intensity of stress. I had to deal with an extremely angry person. It seemed that spilling out their anger in any given scenario was their default communication style. They appeared oblivious to their own behaviour, which highlighted… Continue reading How to minimise negativity bias

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Saying a heartfelt hello

Earlier this week, I was feeling depleted of energy. I’d been placing a lot of energy into my work and seemed to have met a dead-end with a project I was working on, all the while knowing that what I had written wasn’t the final product and that I’d have to dig deeper. There were… Continue reading Saying a heartfelt hello

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Mindfully cutting down on plastic

Whilst many initially approach mindfulness to help improve their mental wellbeing, mindfulness naturally ends up increasing our awareness of our general lifestyle. We become increasingly aware of what we consume, be that food and drink, sounds, media, etc. Subsequently, we also become more aware of what we waste. Reducing waste is something I’ve become passionate… Continue reading Mindfully cutting down on plastic